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Hmm, I see according to Michael Hyatt on twitter, that Tennessee (well, Nashville, more specifically) is out of gas. I wonder if this is because of anti-price gouging laws? If you can’t raise the price high enough to deter demand, then you end up with shortages. I couldn’t believe this is happening when I saw […]

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A few thoughts on Twitter…

Now that school is starting back up again I’m looking at cutting out large wastes of time. One of those wastes of time is *A PART OF* Twitter (not Twitter entirely!). I’ve noticed that when I check up on Twitter lately, there are quite a few people that I’m following that I just skim over […]

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Some new widgets

I’ve added some widgets on the side here. First is Twitter, which for the longest time I thought “how stupid!” but I’m going to try it out. I think it’d work a lot better if I had unlimited texting. The second, and more important in my opinion, are my del.icio.us bookmarks. I love del.icio.us and […]

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