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The same mistakes

About every semester I make the same mistake, and I usually waste 30 minutes to an hour to try and figure it out. When I do, I feel like an idiot. So I’m writing this in hopes that I’ll remember next time. Every semester I’ll have a program to turn in, and I’ll have to […]

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Online RegEx tester

This looks very promising. You can type in regex expressions to see what gets matched in the text. I’ve never been too good at regular expressions…by the time I figure out what I need, I could have just retyped the whole document. That’s no excuse not to learn it, however, and I think this website […]

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Delete Line in Visual Studio

This will come in handy while programming this semester. I was used to Ctrl+D in Eclipse and I think I prefer that better because it’s easier to reach with just one hand.

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