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Don’t interfere with the markets

From CNN on rising oil today: Recent data show high prices have led consumers to cut their gasoline consumption. Meanwhile, many Asian nations are cutting fuel subsidies, effectively raising prices, which is expected to further dampen demand. Artificially lower prices means people will use more of a commodity, driving up demand. And when there’s not […]

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Capitalism Works

I do most all of my shopping at Consumer’s IGA. They’re usually cheaper and, in my opinion, the quality of food (especially meats!) is better than the competition in town–the two Super-Walmarts. For example, milk has always been cheaper at Consumer’s. Most of the time you can catch milk on sale for $2.99 per gallon. […]

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Food prices up

It looks like food prices are on their way up. Kind of sad: All the indicators, the prices of every food staple, are on the up – wheat doubled in price at one point last year. ‘It’s something the industry has expected and is thus, hopefully, a manageable cycle,’ he says. ‘No hunger riots. But […]

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