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Thoughts on the Election

I know I’m late, but here’s some thoughts. I’m generally optimistic about Barack Obama. Two big reasons: He is a much better role model to young minorities than rappers and athletes. He understands technology and I think that’s good. There’s a lot of potential to use technology to improve government and I hope we see […]

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The bright side of losing

An Obama win does have it’s bright side. From here: Which brings me back to why the Republicans need to get throttled: A humiliated, decimated GOP that rejuvenates and rebuilds around the principles of limited government, free markets, and rugged individualism is really the only chance for voters to possibly get a real choice in […]

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Obama and Hillary on Healthcare

Interesting discussion on Ask Metafilter on where Obama and Hillary really stand on healthcare. My favorite quote: Everyone has been largely correct so far. The reason why I like Obama’s plan is because I can envision it getting passed. Clinton’s plan has mandates. I grew up in Indiana. I know how that word translates to […]

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Super Tuesday

Well, I’m kind of sad it looks like Huckabee won’t win the nomination, but I believe McCain will give Hillary a good fight. I’m almost embarrassed that Hillary won Oklahoma. Although this makes me think of an observation I made the other day. People can be as politically correct as they want, as enthusiastic as […]

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CNN “Debate”

I wasn’t very impressed with the CNN Republican “Debate” last night. It was more like “let’s chat with McCain and Romney.” Huckabee and Ron Paul hardly ever got the chance to speak!

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