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Download Firefox 3

Just a reminder that Firefox 3 is out today. I haven’t tried it yet and honestly I didn’t care too much for the Release Candidates (mainly because it broke my add-ons), but I thought I’d contribute to the Firefox 3 Download Day, which seems like a neat endeavor.

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Back From Vacation

One thing I don’t understand about some hotels is that they feel they must charge for internet access, even though it costs more to implement the pay services than to just offer it for free. From an old (2003) article about businesses and wifi access: Now that competitors have started to offer free wired Internet […]

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Internet TV: Joost

If you have a broadband connection, you can probably watch TV over the internet. I have a media PC set up in my living room that runs Joost. While the programming may not be *quite* prime time just yet, it does provide some good entertainment. When I first joined about a year ago, Joost only […]

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I love these videos

From commoncraft: Twitter, Google Docs, Social Bookmarking.

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