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A friend and I used the free online whiteboard sharing app Skrbl the other night to discuss some programming ideas. While it wasn’t perfect, it was useful. There are probably better applications out there, but in a quick fix when two people may not have the same software installed or want to install extra software, […]

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Remember the Milk after a few days

Ah, I’ve recently found something that makes rmilk so much better: keyboard shortcuts. I’d always get a little frustrated when I’d have to edit a task and it’d switch to another task before I could get finished. Keyboard shortcuts will make that a lot easier. The only problem I have now is that I have […]

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Remember the Milk

I’m trying out Remember the Milk. I don’t really know if I want another time management tool in my life, but we’ll see. So far I really like how you can type in fuzzy dates and it gets them right. 🙂

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Good Thing: Don’t Break the Chain

I’ve been using Don’t Break the Chain to bring in good habits and get rid of old habits. It’s a website that helps you keep track of what you’re doing daily. For example, I want to do sit-ups every night. If I do my sit ups, I mark off the day. After a few days, […]

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The Good Things

I was thinking about renaming my blog (or maybe starting another one?) all about the good things in life (bah, it sounds cheesy). I think it’s good to focus on some of the nice things instead of the bad ones all the time. Here’s a nice thing I found recently: a free online countdown timer […]

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