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Hmm, I see according to Michael Hyatt on twitter, that Tennessee (well, Nashville, more specifically) is out of gas. I wonder if this is because of anti-price gouging laws? If you can’t raise the price high enough to deter demand, then you end up with shortages. I couldn’t believe this is happening when I saw […]

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Man sets fire to BMW in protest

I saw this story about a man torching his BMW to protest high gas prices. The Bavarian man, whose name was being withheld because he has not been charged with a crime, told police that gas prices were so high he could no longer afford to drive the vehicle. As in many countries, gasoline prices […]

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Don’t interfere with the markets

From CNN on rising oil today: Recent data show high prices have led consumers to cut their gasoline consumption. Meanwhile, many Asian nations are cutting fuel subsidies, effectively raising prices, which is expected to further dampen demand. Artificially lower prices means people will use more of a commodity, driving up demand. And when there’s not […]

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