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With the release of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron a week or two ago, I thought I’d try it out. I’ve been casually playing around with Linux for quite some time. I think the first version I installed was Mandrake Linux 8.0, back in 2001. Anyways, I like to see what’s new and how much Linux […]

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Good Things: Violet UML Editor

Recently I’ve been using the free, tiny Violet UML Editor for class programming projects, but it’s simple enough to use that I think it could be useful in many applications where a flowchart might be needed. I like that the program is just a simple java “jar” file that can just be executed right from […]

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The Good Things

I was thinking about renaming my blog (or maybe starting another one?) all about the good things in life (bah, it sounds cheesy). I think it’s good to focus on some of the nice things instead of the bad ones all the time. Here’s a nice thing I found recently: a free online countdown timer […]

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