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Election, here already?

Somehow I thought it was two weeks away, but I just looked at my calendar and realized it’s next week. To get you ready to vote it’s a good idea to look up some sample ballots. Ones for Stillwater are located here, but I think you should be able to find some for your area […]

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Election Predictions

I’m probably not going to have very much time in the next two weeks for political analysis, with school and work and everything (somebody has to contribute to GDP and pay taxes to pay for the bailout). The way I see it now, I think Obama will when the election. I hope I’m wrong, but […]

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The bright side of losing

An Obama win does have it’s bright side. From here: Which brings me back to why the Republicans need to get throttled: A humiliated, decimated GOP that rejuvenates and rebuilds around the principles of limited government, free markets, and rugged individualism is really the only chance for voters to possibly get a real choice in […]

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On Ron Paul

Another prediction proved true: most of the college students that where going for Ron Paul by placing stickers, posters, stencils, bumper stickers, etc. everywhere didn’t even get out to vote for him. Maybe I understand the whole “well he’s not going to win…” argument, but why not get out there and just put your vote […]

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Super Tuesday

Well, I’m kind of sad it looks like Huckabee won’t win the nomination, but I believe McCain will give Hillary a good fight. I’m almost embarrassed that Hillary won Oklahoma. Although this makes me think of an observation I made the other day. People can be as politically correct as they want, as enthusiastic as […]

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CNN “Debate”

I wasn’t very impressed with the CNN Republican “Debate” last night. It was more like “let’s chat with McCain and Romney.” Huckabee and Ron Paul hardly ever got the chance to speak!

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