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A quick review on Google Chrome

I’m really enjoying Google Chrome, Google’s new fast web browser. It seems pretty fast, although I wonder exactly how it renders because certain “hacks” can be made that trick the user into thinking that things are happening faster (see the trick where you decrease the start menu fly-out delay time to make users think their […]

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Google Chrome

Just read the comic introducing Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser. It definitely looks very interesting, from both a user’s and developer’s perspective. Chrome is designed from the ground up to work with online web apps faster and more safely. There’s supposed to be a public beta later today, so I’m looking forward to trying […]

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Download Firefox 3

Just a reminder that Firefox 3 is out today. I haven’t tried it yet and honestly I didn’t care too much for the Release Candidates (mainly because it broke my add-ons), but I thought I’d contribute to the Firefox 3 Download Day, which seems like a neat endeavor.

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