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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Status: Married

Well, almost everything about getting hitched went on without a hitch. There was a small problem, I didn’t get the programs and directions to the reception to where they needed to be, so they didn’t get passed out. Oh well. Our bro-in-law came through by setting up online video streaming of the ceremony…awesome stuff! Too […]

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About to get Married

I’m about to get married in an hour and a half. You can see streaming video on our wedding website here.

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Beware of the cloud

Mark Hurst echos my comments on storing your data in the cloud.

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What I’ve been doing lately

Some big and little things: Getting married next week, trying to finish up a few things. We’re doing a lot of stuff ourselves. Right now I’m working on designing the program. Finishing up my internship at ConocoPhillips. Friday is my last day, and I’ll be sad to leave. It’s been a great summer. Looking up […]

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Haha, DealNews

I found this amusing post on DealNews. It’s a great deal: Oil fell to $118 a barrel yesterday. That’s $30 off its mid-July peak and the best deal we’ve seen on oil in three months. Features include light, sweet crude.

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