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Capitalism Works

I do most all of my shopping at Consumer’s IGA. They’re usually cheaper and, in my opinion, the quality of food (especially meats!) is better than the competition in town–the two Super-Walmarts. For example, milk has always been cheaper at Consumer’s. Most of the time you can catch milk on sale for $2.99 per gallon. […]

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Food prices up

It looks like food prices are on their way up. Kind of sad: All the indicators, the prices of every food staple, are on the up – wheat doubled in price at one point last year. ‘It’s something the industry has expected and is thus, hopefully, a manageable cycle,’ he says. ‘No hunger riots. But […]

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Shrimp Quesadillas from El Vaquero

A few nights ago I thought I’d try the shrimp quesadillas from El Vaq…wow, it was amazing. Highly recommended.

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